Terms & Conditions


Südtiroler Bauernbund
Kanonikus-Michael-Gamper-Straße 5
Mailbox 421
39100 Bolzano
Tel. +39 0471 999333
Fax +39 0471 981171
E–Mail: [email protected]
VAT Number: IT01521720217

below “SBB” or “AgriJobs”.

The contractual partner of AgriJobs is exclusively the agricultural company/ farm, below “client”.


Subject of contract

AgriJobs and the client agree to fulfil the contract, based on these general terms and conditions as well as on the SBB pricelist. The mutual rights and obligations between AgriJobs and the client are determined exclusively by the content of the contract and these general terms and conditions.

The client has the possibility to pubish job offers on the platform “AgriJobs” by using the App “mein SBB”. The client is assigned a personal customer area, where he can manage his publications.

People who apply for the published jobs are neither clients nor contracting party of AgriJobs.


Conclusion of the contract

The contract is concluded as soon as the client agrees to the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy and publishes a job offer through the app “mein SBB”. The job offer is then published on the platform “AgriJobs”.


Contractual obligations of the client

The use of the platform for publishing job offers is subject to a charge.

The obligation to pay arises from the publication of job advertisements on AgriJobs, regardless of whether any employment contract is concluded.


Publication of the job advertisement

The advertisement is inserted by the costumer himself, through the app “mein SBB”, and then published on “AgriJobs”. Delays due to technical or content problems caused by the client, are not attributed to AgriJobs.

The job advertisement is published on AgriJobs for 30 days.


Free number

The customer service is available at the free number 800437670 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 – 12:00 and from 13:30-18:00, except on public holidays. The number is valid for calls within Italy.



SBB does not respond for the content of the published advertisements. Any kind of claims regarding the relation between clients and job applicants are excluded. Claims for damages are also excluded in case of disturbances and failures of the platform, due to technical defects and greater power. The disclaimer does not apply to contractual oblications which are essential to achieve the objective of the contract, as well as in case of gross negligence or intentional breach of duty.


Jurisdiction and applicable law

The interpretation and the fulfilment of the present contractual terms and conditions are governed by italian law. Exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship between AgriJobs and the client is Bolzano.


Further conditions

The contract allows AgriJobs to use costumer data for trend analysis and overviews. The respective results are published anonymously.

The rights of the client under the contract are not transferable. An assumtion of contract by thrid parties required the consent of AgriJobs.