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There is lots of work in agriculture



How can I help?

Help our farmers to reap their harvest. Many farmers are looking for workers- all year long!

Let’s make sure that our farmes can provide and guarantee local food supply. The harvest should not fail because of labour shortages!

Anyone can work

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Especially in the agricultural sector teamworking is essential. A good team can reach the impossible. Work goes faster together.

Those who want to apply in pairs or teams should contact a farm with more job vacancies.

Even if you don’t look for a job in agriculture, you can help! Share our job offers with those who could be interested in working in the agricultural sector.


Frequently asked questions

Here you find frequently asked questions in relation to the job search on AgriJobs. Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us by email.

About the job search on AgriJobs

Who can work in agriculture?

Anyone can work on a farm. It’s important to consider differ aspects. It’s necessary to be 16 years old. Workers from non EU countries need a valid residence permit. All workers must be registred regularly.

Who can publish on AgriJobs?

AgriJobs is a jobs platform for members of the local farmers’ Union (SBB) who own a farm and are looking for manpower. Jobseekers can not publish job applications, but they can subscribe to the Jobs newsletter.

Is the platform free of charge?

For Jobseekers the platform is free. They can see every job offer and even candidate for them.

About the working conditions

Am I insured and registred regularly?

Every employer has to report the employment contract to the employment agency, to make out a pay slip and to pay wages. This registration also provides for compulsory insurance (NISF/INPS) and accident insurance (INAIL).

How long does the employment contract last?

Employer and employee agree on the duration of the contract, which depends on the needs of the farm. Employment relationships in Italy are regulated by law and collective labour agreements.

How much do I earn?

The wage depends on working experience, education, responsability within the company ecc… Every worker is entitled to the wage fixed by the collective labour agreements. The employer can also pay more than provided in the collective agreements.


Why does this platform exist?

AgriJobs is a jobs platform, initiated by the South Tyrolian farmers’ Union and based on the requirements of farmers and companies in the agricultural sector. Members of the farmers’ Union can access on AgriJobs by their mein SBB account and create their job offer.


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