How to publish a job offer

Find workers quickly and easily


Here’s how it works

Reliable, easy and fast – thats how AgriJob shall be. Publish your job offer easily and get your worker.

How to register on AgriJob?

AgriJobs is reserved for members of the farmers’ Union (Confagricoltura).

How long will my ad stay online?

The ad will be visible for one month, with the possibility of extending the ad from month to month. If necessary, the ad can also be removed before the end of the month.

To the AgriJob dashboard!

In the AgriJob dashboard, all employers have visibility of all jobs posted, can modify them, take them offline and even see how many times an ad has been viewed.

Further questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We will be glad to help you


Tips for employers

Those who follow these advice will have success with the AgriJob platform


Reply immediately to applications

Job seekers often apply for more than one job. Speed can be decisive.


The "perfect" employee does not exist

There would be many requirements, but the chances of success in obtaining a suitable applicant increase if you only demand the minimum of requirements.


Be patient

Farmers need any help – also workers without experience in agriculture. Patience is very important.


AgriJob just establishes contacts

Don’t forget: AgriJob provides the platform to make sure the worker can find and contact you. That’s it.


Share AgriJob

AgriJob is present in social media. By sharing their job offers via Facebook or Whatsapp, farmers can increase the visibility of their offers.


Completeness and timeliness

Avoide unnecessary effort. Please keep your job offer current and take it offline as soon as you have found your employee.



Do you need help, or are you in a hurry and don’t want to take care of your job ads yourself? Please feel free to contact us for our free support at any time by mail or during office hours via our phone number.